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The Story

Our Philosophy: Since 2004 we at Sublimes Cigars, Inc. created, produced and improved only one premium cigar brand. That brand is SUBLIMES® Cigars. We have done it that way because we strive to be complete opposite of the rest of cigar companies, who seem focused on continually creating new brands and brand extensions consisting of unremarkable blends and than try to persuade retailers into ordering them.

SUBLIMES® Cigars began as a hidden gem, having been sold mostly in Florida since 2004. Initially hand-rolled in Little Havana, as demand for SUBLIMES® Cigars increased we quickly found ourselves outgrowing our Miami operations. As a result, in 2005 we have moved production to Central America where they are rolled entirely by hand from the very finest Cuban seed tobaccos. The process of creating these superior cigars, combined with the careful cultivation of the finest tobacco available limits the number os SUBLIMES® Cigars that can be produced each year.

So sit back and savor one of life's most subtle and pleasurable moments. Enjoy one of the finest hand rolled cigars available today.

Contact Us

Sublimes Cigars Inc.
4811 Lyons Technology Pkwy no. 27
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Email: sublimes@sublimescigars.com
Tel: 877-778-0045
Fax: 877-778-0046

The Blend

SUBLIMES® Cigars are the epitome of taste and excellence. It is to this standard in which we hand-roll them in Estelí, Nicaragua. With an Authentic Rosado wrapper grown in Ecuador, Cuban seed Corojo binder grown in Honduras and Cuban seed Criollo filler grown in Nicaragua our cigars are expertly blended to create the perfect medium bodied, full flavored smoke. Rolled by hand and aged at AJ Fernandez's cigar factory in Estelì, Nicaragua. Presented in elegant Spanish cedar boxes of 30 cigars

  • Wrapper: Authentic Rosado

Available in 6 sizes:

  • Robusto : 4 3/4 - 50
  • Robusto Extra: 5 1/4 - 52
  • Double Robusto: 5 3/4 - 54
  • Grande: 6 3/4 - 56
  • Torpedo: 6 1/2 - 55
  • Magnum: 6 1/4 - 58


"SUBLIMES Magnum - This creamy, buttery cigar presents coffee, cocoa and dark chocolate. Than, fruity notes, some chili space are added, nutty aromas, mint and white pepper follow. 91 Points."
-Cigar Journal
"SUBLIMES Robusto Extra - Toasty and floral with big vanilla bean notes and hints of tea and honey. Earthy underpinnings and a nougat sweetness make this cigar balanced and delicious. 93 points."
-Cigar Aficionado
"SUBLIMES Torpedo - In the first few draws a lot of spice, which is soon accompanied by earthy aromas, dark chocolate and red pepper. The second third presents leathery and roasted aromas with espresso and vanilla sweetness. Medium-bodied. 92 Points."
-Cigar Journal
"SUBLIMES Double Robusto - This cigar had a seamless, toothy, dark reddish-brown wrapper. It was solid to the touch, heavy in the hand and had no soft spots. The draw was very smooth and effortless with peppery spices in the nose and in the taste right up front with a smooth and creamy texture. It had some sweet tones in the rich aroma, with complex flavors of wood, cocoa, spice, and nuts in the taste. Medium body with a fuller spicy finish that left an impression. Consistent, pleasant spices with full intriguing flavors and more cocoa notes in the aroma and taste as the cigar was smoked. Outstanding construction, this cigar smoked slow and effortlessly with a razor's edge burn. Overall very well made with a unique character, great flavor and balance that made this pleasure to smoke. Highly recommended."
-Cigar Press
"SUBLIMES Robusto - In the first few draws, zesty spices unfold with the warm sharpens of chili and ginger. Soon coffee, wood, a vanilla sweetness and chocolate come into play. An expressive cigar. Medium bodied. 91 Points."
-Cigar Journal
"SUBLIMES Robusto Extra - Perfectly rolled in a pretty Rosado wrapper. Discreet peppery spice, nutty/woody aromas, spices and some cocoa sweetness can be found in the creamy smoke. Perfect balance. Medium bodied. 91 Points."
-Cigar Journal
"SUBLIMES Grande - This cigar develops the sweetness of caramel and fruit as well as pepperiness and a subtle sourness It is creamy and gentle in the smoke and yet fairly medium bodied, well balanced, tangy and earthy. 91 Points."
-Cigar Journal
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